Sunday, August 06, 2006

Greatest Night in Summer 2006

On thursday night, August 3rd, 2006. I went to one of the best shows i have ever seen in my life. I have always loved circus, but i have never been to one with aisan acrobatics. It reminds me of the chinese people back in the old days when they used to train small girls different acrobatic skills to earn money. This one girl, which is like the highlight of the whole circus was doing tricks with her whole body, bending her legs over her head, used her mouth only to support the whole body while her legs and arms were all behind her backs. Too bad we were not allow to take pictures. But that was my favourite programme. There were of course more than just acrobatic. I like a couple who chaged their outfits in less than a second. They chaged more than 8 outfits in instance. It was sooo amazing! Also, there was this rope jumping programme which lots of clowns were playing the rope jumping with their hands while doing push ups.Some even do the jumping successfully with lots of ropes crossing each other. It was sooo much fun. There are of course more than what i described. Overall, i had a fun night.

This is the cirque Hawaii!! I was sooooo exicted when i got there. It is in the center of Waikiki where there are lots of shopping places around. There were lots of people!!

So many people huh? But my focus is actually the ribbons on the ceiling. I love the colorful ribbons...makes me feel like i am in some kind of a ballroom where i would enter in with magnificent gown!! hahaha

Doreen and me waiting to go into the cirque.

Well, since we are only allowed to take pictures at the beginning and end of the show, this is one that i took for the ending when all the performers came out for the last time. I took it while they are's not that my photographing skill is bad, ok?

We are holding our free tickets!!! hahaha..

The funny clown is doing tricks with the stick and the balloon. Can you believe it? He could actually catch it when the audience tossed the balloon to him on the stage.

Look at them!! Aren't they cute? We were lucky to be the first few to take pics with them. The couple on the left were the ones that do the clothes-changing tricks.

Since i can't take pictures during the show (which i have mentioned many times over), this is the pictures that i have taken of the poster of the circus. The girl in the middle, which i suppose were from China, was the girl that use the 'soft-bone technic' and do the twisting skills. The twins, which i suppose was from Mongolia were doing the flying in the air thing. Sooooo amazing!!!

Voila! That's the cirque Hawaii. I feel like this is the highlight of my summer to go and watch the performance. It entertains me and it leaves me lots to look into. These are talented people that put so much effort into their career. Even though their tricks are highly dangerous and the training must be painful, they won the applause from the audience. It is worth the time to go and see them perform.


Kiki said...

Well, dats really a nice circus i guess... I can c dat u reallly do have a colorful life.. and dats y i envy u so much.. have a nice boy, friends and supportive family. well, not forget about me...:P

Kiki said...
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