Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hawaii's best known beach, Waikiki. It was the first time i went there after all these time. Lucky Doreen, she gets to come right after she landed from the plane. It was a great experience to be there and see so many things that i have always wanted to see. Just being on the beach makes me feel so contented.
I wish i was on this yacht. Those people were having a blast! They were cherring and partying. And one guy literally jump into the water and the yacht left him behind.

I love big city...and tall buildings, especially the ones by the lake.

Doesn't that remind you of Baywatch? And also those safe guard hotties?

Colorful, very colorful. What can i say? These architechs are getting more and more creative everyday.

The shadows joined us together.

Hmm..i believe these bicycles are for cycling on the water.

Oh...i love man without shirt. :P

Especially those surfer boys.

Boats!! I remember riding on them back in KK.

A far view of yacht.

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