Thursday, August 10, 2006

In the end of June, I went to the Hawaii Water Adventure Park with Sena, my co-worker, and also some people in our ward. It was a beautiful sunny day. We were having a blast because it was expensive to go in--30USD, but we managed to go for only 10USD(we always get benefit or discount going out with church people!!). These pictures i took are not the whole picture of what the park really loosk like because i have only taken the pictures of one fifth of it. We went to more than 10 different slides, all were fantastic and breathtaking (i mean literally). Well, i can't take pictures while i am in the water, right? But i really want to share that i have a great time there. One that i hope i will always retain in my memory.

This is the place!! Hawaii Water Adventure Park.

Where's the better place to hide than under the umbrella?

I beat Sena in this body sliding game. I am way faster..hahahaha

This pool is 8ft high. No kidding.

Eww...that looks like human intestine!!

I feel like a kid again.

If i were a real kid, i can go play this one!!

This place is actually a spa. Open-air spa.

Aw...when will i know how to surf?

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