Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Last Christmas, I was in Hawaii with my boyfirned. It was one of the most boring Christmas i have ever had in my entire life. Everyone had gone home or other places while we (didn't have a car that time) just stayed on campus and doing nothing but taking some pictures. Sad!! But those pictures turned out really good. Last Christmas was also my first Christmas away from home. It was a new experience to see people decorating their houses with tons of lights. It was a great experience to see that people were celebrating Christ's birthday so openly here. In Malaysia, most people celebrate Christmas as a holiday or a season greeting. So, it truly meant a lot for me to hear people singing Christmas song about Jesus, and not Santa Claus.

Is it me, or is this tree on fire?

Outside the bookstore.


I love Christmas trees!!!

Ever seen candy canes on the floor??

This is my campus with lots of lights.

Another one.

Rudolf the red nose reindeer, has a very shiny nose...

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