Sunday, August 06, 2006

Pacific Ocean behind me.

Candy, Me and Doreen taking bite of our pizza. We were so hungry after the one hour ride. And i think i took the biggest bite!!

Doesn't the sunset make the horizon look like it is on fire?

This is the pavillion where we had our dinner--Pizza. A pretty place to come with family and friends.

This is the sunset picture. Oh man...isn't it awesome to look at it?

This is a park called Point Panic. We went there before going to the cirque. It is a beautiful park. There were some people picnicking there. And lots of people surfing in the sea. The waves here are huge. This is also where you get to see aeroplane depart and land because it is close to the airport.

Don't be surprise...this is a cemetery. There are lots of places like this here. You don't really see headstone until you go in. But those flowers are hints that there are bodies down there.

On the way to the cirque. This is Kuala Ranch. Also known as Jurassic has a thick forest. This is also where we can do the time :) Also, it is about 15 minutes from school.

Looking out at the street of Waikiki on the bus. The night sight of Waikiki is very attractive.

Why is Louis Vuitton store everywhere in Hawaii? Maybe it's to attract those Japanese.

So..this is the logo you see people wearing on their T-shirt? Planet Hollywood.

This is GUESS!!! Look at those skinny jeans!!!

See the shops behind me? Gosh...all branded stuff on a street in Waikiki!!! Sorry i look so terrible with the strong wind blowing my hair. It was sprinkly that day.

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