Thursday, August 24, 2006

Summer is almost over. And i really dreaded the school reopen. One of the reasons being that things would not be the same once we start to get busy with classes. I guess the fun time during summer really makes me not want it to be over. Anyways, Michiru, a Japanese friend of mine, invited me and another friend at work to go to her apartment where she cooked sukiyaki, a japanese dish for us. It was my favourite japanese dish. I love it so so much. I'm glad that i have friends that can cook for me. hahaha...and also for their willingness to go through all the trouble to cook a good meal. She also taught us the correct way to eat this dish--with raw egg. Yucky, huh? But minus the raw egg, the dish is heavenly! I recorded some videos but sadly i dunno how to upload them to my laptop. So i only have 3 pics.

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