Friday, August 11, 2006

Yesterday i went shopping for the third time in summer. We went to the closest mall--Windward Mall, which is 40minutes away from our campus. It was a small, compact mall. It has most things that we want in there. And i was lucky most shop was on their summer sale, and i bought a lot while spending so little!! Anyways, i was having a great time with Doreen. We used to shop every Saturday back in Miri. But we only get to shop once in a while here. So we really enjoyed the 'money-spending trip to the nearest mall.

Ruby Tuesday!!! I have always wanted to go eat there, but we always ended up going somewhere else instead. This time is no exception too, unfortunately. But i am definitely going to eat there after summer is over when i have time.

Even though i didn't go to Ruby Tuesday, I went to Sushi Man and ordered some sushi.

We were stitting outside of "Hotdog on a stick". I have always enjoyed drinking their fresh squeeze lemonade. Especially the fresh squeeze lime plus lemon that looks green. They have another cool flavor--Cherry Lemonade, made from fresh cherry plus lemonade. It's the red carton on the counter.

I ordered California maki, the white one, with crab meat and avocado inside, as well as Inari maki, which is the brown one, with rice and sesame inside. Great for lunch.

Ohh...these are what they have in Sushi Man. They looked soooooooo delicious. But since i don't eat anything raw, they are not too appealing to me. hehe:)

This is "Payless Shoe". I love to shop for shoes here. They are super cheap and have great style too! But i didn't buy any shoes today. I only bought a cute bag, which was on sale. Lucky!!

This Regal Cinemas is huge. Not the biggest cinema in Oahu,but it has about 7 theatres inside. And each are double storey and has huge screen!

I've bought so much!! I was sooooooooooo happy.

Inside the cinema. This is their food counter. They ssell popcorn, which tastes salty,instead of sweet. And they have small,medium, large and JUMBO size.Believe me, you only need a small popcorn to last the whole movie!

A cool model.

In the food court, we have another Japanese stall. It's called Little Tokyo. The food display and the real food look sooo different! We were always cheated by the looks of the food display and ordered a totally different looking food.

We are chilling out and resting after 6 hours of shopping.

We miss 'ham mui'back home. The plums here cost so much you won't want to buy them even though the sight of them makes your saliva flows.

This is my favourite shop ever!! PS. PacSun. They are on sale. And i bought 2 pieces of tops for only 14 USD!! And i tried on a pretty skinny jeans here. I will return to buy it next trip. muahahaha

Too bored while chilling out, so i took a picture of my keychain. And it's actually a locket. I have my Fall ball picture in it.

This is my newest camera case. I bought it in a Japanese store. Everything in there is only 1.49USD!!! This one too. And it has Hello Kitty on it...with leopard print. Kinda disgusting...but it's useful.

So bored!! So tired!! So lazy to drive.

This is the outside look of my keychain. Looney tunes. Sorry...i was too bored.

Ok.Which one is better looking? Mine, or Doreen's?

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