Sunday, September 10, 2006

Okay..this is the craziest thing i have ever done in my life!! Actually, not that crazy...but when i think back about it now i am terrified with my crazy courage to do such a thing that might risk my own life. Thanks Julie...for the peer pressure!!! hhaah..
Oh...the story goes like this...I was bored to death during summer and decided to go hiking with Julie at the famous Sacred Falls. I have heard of this site before but not about its history and background stories. I dragged Doreen with me as well. Well...we finally got the permission to drive Albert's car instead of taking a bus..which is great, right? But when we got to the site, the check point arm was in the way and obviously the site was closed. I asked Julie why the site was closed and guess what she said? "Oh..cause it's illegal to go in!" WHAT?????????????????????????? But Doreen and I, being meek Asian submitted to the peer pressure (don't be mad, Julie) and we went right ahead with Julie into the park. And then what's more shocking is that there were tons of warning signs there telling us NOT to go in. But we did anyways. Adventurous, huh? Tell me about it.
Anyways, it took us a long time to get to see the water fall. It is pretty, of course, with its clear water. isn't as big as Lambir Falls back home. So, it's kinda a let-down there. But i am sooooooo grateful we made it out of there safely. There were tons of mosquitoes 18 millions!!! and no one ever goes we were almost eaten alive by them. Oh...not to mention that in 1999, there was a debris avalence that killed 6 people in there. We got to see the site where the rocks fall. And thank God that Julie was not hit by a rock falling from the sky all of a sudden while we were trying to climb over all the huge rocks. That rock came down so suddenly it hit the water and sounded like a bullet. We were sooo shocked and i thought i was gonna die! There were only 3 of us in there!! Should anything happen to one ever knows...and we will be left there to rot. I am soooooooooooo grateful that we were praying all the way in and out the jungle. Thank God for listenign to our prayers and keep us alive. I was rebuke by my supervisor the next day when i told him about my adventure. Oh...well...I promise never... and i mean it..NEVER to do anythign as crazy as that anymore. I might even be arrested for breaking the law and ignoring the sign that says "Anyone who is found in the park will be prosecuted". Sigh~i really need to be more responsible for my own action. But here are some pictures taken. Even though it is a dangerous trip, at least i got to take some pictures...and the scene was pretty. Pals...i risk my life for these view them with great respect. *wink*

Gosh...we look so hot in our sweat after more than an hour of hiking. We finally arrive at the Fall.

This is a random picture taken after we come out from the park. Some people were protesting about things.

So this is the water fall we risk our lives to see!! if they are a big discovery

Mountains...seen a mountain so close before?

There you go...i'm hot, that's why i look so hot.

See that you zoom in and see what the warning sign says.


An open field...pretty pretty.

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