Tuesday, November 28, 2006

November 30th--->Ee Wen's birthday
My birthday present! A bulldog!!! How GREAT? While i was picking out my bulldog, i saw this cute Dalmation sleeping. CUTE?? But i did not pick it. Because the white hair will become dirty. Bulldog is the cutest ever!!! And this one won't grow big. How nice? By the wya, i am turning 21. No more a young girl now. I am so glad to be able to live til today. It is a day of gratitute, repentance, and reflection of what i have done throughout my life. At this point of my life, i need to be serious about a lot of things, make a lot of decisions that i see adults do, and most importantly, find out what i want my life to be. I am so grateful for all the wishes that i have got from home, and here and everywhere else. I got phone calls from Miri, Kuching, and Colorado. A lot of friends message me or post testimonial for me on Friendster or Facebook, more wishes on the msn, a cake waiting for me outside of the door, a dinner with my 2 bestest best friends, and an email from Elder W. And i love my presents too!!! the dog that breathe but is actually fake cause i can't have pet in my dorm, and a really beautiful perfume--Vera Wang's Princess. and oh..my plane ticket to LA. also, forgot to mention my co-workers and bosses in Imax for giving me a surprise celebration and rose drawn on paper! LOVE Y'ALL bunch.

My boss asked me what flower i want for my birthday and i told him rose. but he couldn't find any so he ask bishop Brown to draw me one. My co-workers wrote their wishes too.

My favorite perfume at the moment. Very pretty. It has a crown as its cap. I'm like a royalty! haha

Getting ready to have dinner in Honolulu. It was a cold day on my birthday. So cold that i had to wear fur!

We went to shabu shabu house in Honolulu...this is the plate...but not just that. We ordered pork and beef and it was a huge plate of meat.

Man, does it look real!

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