Monday, November 27, 2006

Ok...this is my fifth time cooking. I can honnestly say that i can cook pretty well!! hahaha..Well..thanks to mom for sending me all the ingredients and recipes. i cooked Bakuteh soup. and tastes just like my mom's cooking. haha..And Doreen stir fried the vegetable, and Albert fry the tomato egg. Gosh..i haven't eaten home dinner for a long time and i really miss it. I also made potato casserole with Nikki. it's my first bake and i love it. It makes me so full last night i had a big tummy after dinner. Yum yum...we should we that more often. We might not have cooked any fancy cookings like french food, or whatever food, but we accomplish a lot when we learn by ourselves how to cook without having mom around and we love eating home dishes.

The chefs

The cook

Tomato with egg. the least touched dish. hahaha..Sorry Albert, but should have cooked better than we do. You worked in the kitchen before!

Bakuteh Soup with lots of dry toufu skin.

Potato Casserole. Sorry it doesn't look as good as it tastes.

Ta da.. Doreen's stir fry vege.

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