Sunday, November 05, 2006

One of our Largest event is the Culture night which every clubs come to perform. I have here some pictures of the performance for our Culture night part 1. I am performing along with some Malaysians for our SIngapore/Malaysia club. We did a skit to introduce the Malaysian Culture. Of is a funny skit. We were worried that no one would get the joke and the juice of our performance but people actually like them!! We were pretty rad!!! I was nervous before i went on stage but all is well. I didn't freak out and it was a really good experience. Here are some clubs that we have here in BYU Hawaii. I failed to take the pictures of the Cook Island, Tahitian, Korean, and the Tongan club. The Tahitian has the msot people i think and they did the hip shaking dance.'s a portion of our Malaysian club skit. Not very clear. I was at the Malay people section.

Group photo of Malaysian Club

Here's the actors and actresses

Ok...I have finished "shaping up" for my performance.

The Malaysian and Singaporean Girls.

My "Malay" "husband" on stage. He's actually a Japanese, named Ichiro.

Doreen is my private hair dresser.

Latino Club Salsa dance

Hong Kong dance. My buddy, Sally.

Africa Dance

Indonesian Palace dance. Actually one of my favorite.

Indian club

Ichiro holding Malaysian flag

Mexican Traditional dance.

Thai princess or Queen. Super luxurious and elegant. Cool costume too.

Hawaiian Dance.

Wahlau..i laughed so hard on stage!!

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