Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Part 2 of our culture night. I am dancing in the hip hop club. Wakaka...finally done that. I was terribly nervous i could feel my stomach growling in pain and heard my heartbeat. Fortunately, i was pretty calm by the time we got on stage. Everyone did perfectly. We had A LOT OF FUN!!! This is so far the funnest night ever! Sadly, the moment of glory lasts for only a few minutes. All the weeks of practice is over by the time we stepped on to the stage. No more practice after culture night, everyone focusing on their studies once again, and no more excitement of looking forward to our performance. But i do cherish that 7 minutes on stage. That was the most courageous thing that i have done in so many years. Once again everyone, i was pretty rad!!

After the night is over, we are still taking away with pictures. Li Kane, Li Mei, Doreen, Me, Nikki, Brennon.

Mongolian traditional dancer.

Samoan Dance

Philipino bamboo dance. This was one of my fave.

Samson, one of our popper in the hip hop club. He was doing the Justin Timberlake kind of robot dance.

Taiwanese Club. They were doing the kung fu Wang fei Hong dance.

The little boys dance with us. They open the show for us. They were really good. And look cool, too.

Wow...That was me! Hippy and Hoppy.

Again...pretty intense.

New Zealand Maori dance. The guys slapped their chest really hard to make the clapping sound and by the time they are done, there were palm marks on their chest.

Chinese fan dance.


The Maori girl playing poi balls. It is a really hard trick. I tried it but failed to do anything with it.

Swing Dancing

When Mickey Mouse meets the Samurai

That's me. Getting ready for the performance.

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