Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fall Ball falls on a chilly December night. It was the 1st of December, a friday. It is another day to remember because it was what i had been looking forward to for a long time. Even though it did not turn out as well as i have anticipated, it was good all the way. We went to dinner at Waikiki Aquarium and then we went to Aloha Tower to board our cruise. I just love how everyone was dressing up prettily. Thanks to honor code, we are not cold to death that night!

Me And Candy from Hong Kong. She's going on a mission! YEah..

Elvis from Taiwan. A very beautiful girl. So skinny also!!

Sebastian the crab -->me Ursula the Octopus-->Doreen

Jordan and me

Aya, my 3rd roommie from Japan


sea Dragon..this is not sea horse..it is a dragon

Jelly fish in a tank..they are purple

My favorite jellyfish...looks like mushroom to me

Another kind of jellyfish

on the cruise with Doreen and Eleine form Taiwan

Jin Sook from Korea

our dinner table is decorated beautifully with sand, sand castle, fish tank with gold fish inside

Aye aye Captain!

chilling out

Lilo from Mongolia...

Jamie, my gir friend who gets married when she is only 20!!!

Kei Kei from Hong Kong. her dress is my favorite of all! She looks fabulous.

Me and Yao

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