Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My New Year's Eve in LA was a blast! It was on Sunday so we went to church in the morning. It was freezing cold outside and i had to wear skirt. The Claremont ward that i went to was pretty cool. Julie and I were not the only ones visiting. There were also some people visiting from BYU Provo. But I think when we said we were visiting from BYUH, some people twitched! haha...Hawaii is way more exciting than Provo, no? Okay...so these kids are cute. But they are much more than that. They are SMART!! They knew so much about the BOM! We almost lost the scripture game to them. They have really cute names too: Brierton (8), Addison (7), Talmage(5), and Bendon(2). They were really kind to us even though we slept on their beds and they had to sleep on the cold, hard floor. They brought us flowers that they picked in their neighborhood, which i thought was really sweet of them. And they said they loved to sleep on the floor to make us feel better. and they had to stand while eating because there was not enough seats. I felt so bad because they were so happy about that too. We went to look at some of the gorgeous houses close to their apartment. It was a pretty cool neighborhood because they put up so many...i mean SO MANY Christmas lights! The whole neighborhood was lit with Christmas lights. IT was just magnificent. We were like "Holy Cow" the whole time we looked at those creative decorations. At about 9, Julie and I drove to Huntington Beach in Orange County. It was a blast. We got lost but we found our way. Julie was just brilliant. The houses in that area were beautiful. Really nice houses. We were going to a New Year party there with some guys i have never met before. One of them was Julie's acquaintance that met her once when he came visiting in Hawaii. He's a LDS too. In fact, we were going to his ward party. It was a Black Tie Party but Julie and I wore jeans. But it wasn't that bad because we then went to another more casual party where i saw the chocolate fountain for the first time in my life. I didn't even know this thing existed! We partaaaayyyyy til past midnight and said "Happy New Year" to people that we dun even know. But it was fun because we felt like we were high school students going to College parties. Most of the people there were already working and graduated from college. We decided not to drive back to Claremont which was one hour away because Julie might fall asleep behind the wheel. So, Kris (Julie's acquaintance) let us go to his house and sleep in his roommate's bunk bed. I had never slept on a bunk bed before so it was pretty exciting. Their room was so much better than mine. So comfortable and clean. Okay...the bunk bed experiece was not really that nice because Kris' other roommate was sleeping in the bottom bed and we were on the top. So everytime he turned, the bed was shaking and i tried not to turn but it was just uncomfortable...like mummie. Julie was feeling really uncomfortable too because she could not yawn even though she wanted to. It was a miserable night for her. I guess we both slept less than 2 hours. We got up at 6 am and Kris went surfing (Crazy dude!! It was freezing outside!) while we drove back to Claremont. This was really quite a New Year for me. Happy 2007.

This is Kris' apartment. Gorgeous, huh? I want to live in one like this next time.

Bendon drinking soda.


Getting ready for bed. It was quite a tough job to climb up the bed. There was no stairs!

Just got back from church. thought i should take a picture of where i lived in LA. I love the tree behind me. It was gorgeous with the red falling leaves.

Pretty house

Talk about Extravaganza.

The Christmas light totally look more "photogenic" than i did.

Poor Bendon crying for mommy. I was the only one left in the car while they went to get some sodas. I dunno how to make him stop so i took a picture of him crying.

I love you, kids!! You guys rock! Brierton and Addison et moi.


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