Friday, February 02, 2007

The third day of my trip...we went to San diego. It is two hours away from Los Angeles. We almost went to Tijuana, Mexico, but we did not. Anyways, we went to the San Diego Zoo. It was a huge zoo. I don't know why we go see animals but we did. It was a lot of walking and smelling animals becuase most of them are not caged in. i mean, they are caged in but not in glass or anything like tat. We can see them up close and smell them up close too!! EWWWW. My favorite of all animals are the merecats.--> Timon from the Lion King, you know. It was such a fun animal to watch. And i was so excited to go see the Panda bears all the way from China!!! But i did not get in because it was such a long line!! There were like 60 people waiting to go in. But i see them from outside. Oh my gosh...i just love them! Adorable and all...i also got to see the polar bear!!!!! they are snowy white and they eat carrots!!!!!! Also, the koala and the kangaroos are cute!!!! i see a lot of malaysian animals too. such as the tapir and orang utan. i got to witness the black bear pooping and urinating. Believe me, they poop A LOT!!! I mean...A LOT! it's like a waterfall of greenish mixture oozing out from their bottom rapidly. I do not know how to explain it in a better way. But it was a GREAT sight...haha..I am so mad at myself for not being fast enough to take a snapshot of that.
The San Diego city was pretty. We went to a Sicilian restaurant and i ordered lentil soup. It was not tasty!!! But the chicken was great. It was in that restaurant that i realized Rory was going home that night and that me and Julie would soon have no car to go around LA and we might not have a place to sleep because the family that we were staying at was not aware that we would be staying there for more than 2 days and we were sleeping in their kids' bed and they had to go sleep on the floor because of us! We felt really bad and thought we would find some place else to stay but it was just impossible. That was when i pray the hardest in my heart. I even called all the way to Canada to ask for the phone number of a couple that live in LA. It was such a desperate situation and i thought i had to spend the rest of my trip money on a rental car. This part of the trip was not fun! But at the same time it makes me realized God answer my prayers!!! Because in the end everything .EVERYTHING turned out great. We got back to Claremont safely, we got lost a bit but we foudn out way. And the Sharps let us stay there for a couple more days and they lent us their family car. It was just marvelous!!!

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