Monday, March 26, 2007

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I went to HOLLYWOOD!!! Woohoo!!! Hollywood is so so so so much fun because i got to experienced tons and tons of stuff for the first time ever. This is the day when we don't have a car and had to take bus, train, and metro to make our way from Claremont to Hollywood. I am still amzed at how we did that. Being in a place where we had never been to, all we could do were to print out the direction from the internet, ask people how to buy the train tickets, as well as ask tons of people how to get to the metro station and how we could get to Hollywood. Thank God that most things...especially thr road signs is soooo clear that we did not get lost. I was so excited to get on the subway...or metro because i have never been on one before. We didn't have to pay for it even!! Why? i don't know...maybe because we didn't know anything and didn't buy any tickets and no one ever checked for the tickets on the metro. When we got out from underground and saw Hollywood. I wanted to shout "Hallelujah!!" Anyways..we went to Beverly Hills too. It was a great experience to see how squander the rich celebrities are.

This is where the "uptown girls" shop.

Tada....everyone..the hotel with green roof back there is where Lindsay Lohan lived and was complained for having loud music.

After walking for the whole day...seriously..walking from north Hollywood to the Central Hollywood is a long walk!! We took the metro up to North Hollywood to find nothing there and then walked all the way back to Central Hollywood without realizing that. favorite boutique.

The train we took to go home to Claremont

In Beverly Hills, we went to Ozzy Osbourne's house..just the outside. They have security guards and cameras all over.

This is the mansion of the Max Factor designer. Max Factor cosmetic..i mean.

I have never seen so many Feraris in my life. There are more than 10 Feraris here in this loaded Guess Jeans designer house. must SCREAM...this is LEONARDO DiCarpio's Mansion!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Nicholas Cage's Mansion

Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum

Justin Timberlake's house on top of the hill with lots of tirus trees i guess. dunno what those trees are called.


Nick Carter's house on top of the hill

This is the sunset Hospiotal where Michael Jackson had his plastic surgery

Musical Opera house

Chinese building...tons of people with costumes here.

This metro is different from the one we were supposed to take. This is just normal bus called Metro. the metro we needed to take was called Subway in NYC.

still above the ground. This was where we were thinking that the metro was a city bus, and not subway. We were waiting for the city metro bus to come pick us and then realized that we actually needed to walk for another block and go underground to catch the metro. And we were like..."oh...i thought the metro was the bus..not subway!" duh..

Going to Hollywood...still deciding which metro to take.

The police?? or metro police??

In the metro...all excited.

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