Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Last Friday we went out to China Town to eat some good food. Four of us, Miho, Sayuri, Sena, and me were in such high spirit we ordered duck meat. I miss eating duck so so much and finally we got to eat one. I have no idea why some people hate eating ducks and think that it is disgusting to eat ducks. they are God-given creatures. God made them to give us delicious food to enjoy! What's with all the nonsense "duck is disgusting" talk? apart from duck, we ordered fried chicken in pepper...SOOOO good, and Gyoza. We each only paid 5 bucks for the food. How cheap!

This is a mirror i saw in the shopping mall in Ala Moana at the Bobbi Brown counter. It is freaky!!! A mirror with a tv in there?? CREEPY.

Miho & Sayuri

Me and Sena

Duck meat on noodle. GREAT food.


Why do they always have this stone lion thingy in China towns?

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