Monday, March 26, 2007

Seriously, being a mother is way highly overrated for me. I love the babies but taking care of them for the whole day is exhausting. We went baby sitting for the mothers of the married ward one Saturday. It was so much fun to see the babies coming in and start playing and running around. Some were still too young to run. I was charged to take care of a Japanese boy named Yamato. He was not even one year old. He was the cutest creature i have ever seen!! Asian kids are still my fav. Anyways...he is very quiet. He doesn't move around like other babies. He just sits on my lap and watch other people. I fed him with baby food his mom brought, fed him apple juice when he started to get restless. And then we went to play in the toys room. While other babies were fighting over toys, my Yamato just sits there. How boring? hahaha...sorry. I was glad that he didn't pee on me or puke or cry. He was a very-easy-to-take-care-of baby. It was just nice.

Yamato sleeping in my arms.

Another Japanese kid named Masa.

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