Saturday, May 19, 2007

Everyone, i am graduating this December!!! I am so excited! We had a graduation banquet two days ago only for the English majors. All our English department professors and faculties went. However, there were only 8 of us graduating students went. But it was fun all the way. This was also a farewell party for Professor Ward, who is retiring and going back to Washington with his wife. The food was great, the mango icecream was cold, and everyone was excited. I cried when we sang Aloha Oe, a Hawaiian farewell song to Dr. Ward and his wife. I felt like i really am leaving Hawaii soon and i think i will miss it so very much. Been here for 2 years and a half and i have really fall in love with a lot of the people here. This is a place where i have to learn to be independent and grow up on my own. This is a place with tons of bitter sweet memories. Enjoy the pictures! By the way...i believe this is the only place on earth where you get so much love and leis (flower necklace) for your graduation. Leis are signs of respect and love and i am so glad that i am graduating from BYU-Hawaii...with the aloha spirit.

Me, Professor Ward, and Nikki

We are the English majors!!!! We are the peculiar treasures! We are very English-y

They gave us presents!!

Mago ice cream---so good!!

Professor Williams gave a hamper to Professor Ward, thanking him for his 30 plus years service

Professor Allred and Shem (a very talented guy who sings, act, write, draw, and a smart smart english major)

We wwere entertained by some Hawaiian singers.

Hawaiian dancers dancing tradiational hula dances

Micki!!! Yeah...

Grace..the smartest girl straight A's like every semester. Really cannot tahan!!

Nikki and really nice plate of food