Wednesday, June 13, 2007

50th State Fair of Hawaii--FUN FUN FUN. I threw lots of $$$$ on the fair. The food is expensive, the rides are fun but kinda scary since they are pretty old machines, the games are great cause we won a lot of soft toys. The only bad thing about htat night was the rain!! It rained and stopped for like 50 times. But i get to ride pirates ship--a ride i have always wanted to ride on. And i get to ride a spinning ride with Albert and hear him screaming for his mom!!! That's my favorite part of the night---it's a real crack up.

Me and Ha Le

This is a japanese food. Way hot and way delicious.

Yum...i think this is the japanese octopus ball in's delicious.

This is how the whole Fair looked like from the Farrel's Wheel

I love riding a horse and go in circle again and again and again

First time on a Merry-Go-Round. I was super excited! i was the only adult riding it.


princess IVY's world said...

Sounds fun for me!!Wish we have that here..ahahah

Chai said...

How exciting, u make me cant wait for Perth Royal Show, which is something similar like this... I think all states in OZ do have this kind of Fair at the same time haha!