Thursday, June 07, 2007

oh well...i was REALLY free the other week and decided to make some dessert to cure my sweet tooth. I have always wanted to taste eggnog. It's supposed to be a treat for Christmas. But i can't wait til then, so i went on the internet and got some recipes to try to make one. I bought all the ingredients i needed and was really excited to try my hand at it. So i did. However,it did not turn out as well as i had anticipated. I haven't tasted or even seen a real-life eegnog, so i only heard from my friends that it is supposed to be really thick. Also, from the picture i saw on the internet, it was suppose to be pudding-like...or so it seemed. However, mine turned out so watery and tasted like...well...eggs. So, it wasn't all that pleasant for me. But at least i tried, right? Should give me some credit for that.

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