Thursday, August 30, 2007

Albert's birthday!!!! I guess i was the busiest person that day cooking his favorite food for him for four hours straight. OMG...4 hours? I still can't believe how i could stay in the kitchen that long preparing and cooking. Oh well...what do you know about love, huh? hee.. This really is a humbling experience though--the cooking part. Just think about the menu: Bakuteh soup (easy to make yet i always forget to put in some garlics), japanese style fried pork chop (this takes a lot of time to prepare and the frying process is painful because i almsot fried my own fingers), two other vegetable dish (i had got to cook something i love since i was eating too). Oh...on top of that, I made a cake for him. is not a real cake strictly speaking, but hey i put as much effort into making the paper cake. The candles and the fire were hard to cut, ya know? Overall, it was a sucess(why am i making it sound like a project?) because Albert was thrilled (hopefully touched) by the whole thing. He even agreed to take some pictures, which isn't what he would normally do given that he is pretty shy (*ahem*). Oh...i forgot to take the pictures of some other dishes i cooked save the pork chop. I hope i made my mom proud. :))

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princess IVY's world said...

Well, you definitely make me proud. You can cook better than me now. I miss the cooking so much since i can't cook here.I can't wait to move out now.