Sunday, August 05, 2007

Going to Kualoa ranch is one of the things that people have to do on Oahu, Hawaii. It is impossible to miss this place because it is so famous for its landscape as well as the settings for so many famous movies shot in Hawaii. Some of those movies include 50 first dates, Pearl Harbor, Wind talker, Mighty Joe Young, Jurasic Park, You Me and Dupree, and not to forget Jurassic park. What a privilege to go there and just see all the settings in the movie in real life, and imagining how the actors were acting on the spot. This place was also one of those places for soldiers to hide during World War 2 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. So, there are still some more bunks that the soldiers used to live in. It is a very historical place. Later, you will see in some of my pictures the footprints of Godzilla. Cool, eh?? Apart from the movie tour, tourists can take the ATV tour or the horseback riding tour, which is what i aim to do when mom comes for visit. Oh...i forgot to mention, it's only 20USD to take the movie tour. However, since we are going for the sake of our school newspaper, we went in for free!! Claire's husband works there and he was a super funny tour guide. This experience just make my life here in Hawaii more colorful.

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