Thursday, September 06, 2007

My dearest Julie is getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!! In December!!! OMG..i can't believe it still. When will the reality hit me?? Anyways, it was way fun going wedding dress shopping with her. The funniest thing is that at the last place where we went to find her wedding dress, the Japanese lady kept telling Julie that she won't fit in any of the dresses in her shop!!! She won't even let Julie try any on though Julie was close to pleading with her. Finally, she let Julie see it. And under MUCH persuasion, she finally let her try it on. It was hilarious to think about it. I think it is ridiculous how some wedding dress could cost $900 and above. It's crazy to buy such an expensive dress and only wear it for like 2 days. But Julie definitely found some good deals and pretty dresses. U look great, babe. You're gonna be the sweetest bride I ever see.

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Rudi said...

hey! great blog great life.. makes me want to pack up and move over thr and live the sweet life as well. God bless n take care!