Sunday, April 06, 2008


After watching "The Phantom of the Opera," the Broadway show in NYC, I was determined to attend a masquerade ball at least once in my life. I know nothing about the traditional masquerade party. But what I do know is that mask is a must (duh~). I was overjoyed when Jenna invited me to her roommate's birthday party, which was a masquerade party. I forced Leighton to go with me ^_^ and we made our own masks 2 hours before we went to the party. But I ended up using Jenna's Wal-Mart mask when I got to her house. The party was great. Everyone came in their creative masks--masks made from large leave tied to a branch, mask made from aluminum, and mask made from paper.
My first masquerade experience was exciting and fun. I love masquerade ball--everything about it, from the mask to the formal dresses, the grand decoration and the fancy atmosphere.

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