Sunday, April 06, 2008

New York City trip!!

My first NYC trip will always be my favorite memory. I was able to visit the city of my dream when my advisor told me that she would like to take me and some of my co-copy editors to a journalism conference held in NYC in the middle of March. I knew it was going to be cold but I was looking forward to it nonetheless. I anticipated the weather to be dry and cold, like Los Angeles. But I was pleasantly surprise that even though it was cold like hell, the air was not dry at all. This is why i love east coast--perfect weather. My trip this time is free, just like my last trip to Washington DC. The school paid for my plane ticket and hotel room. I spent approximately $150 going places, buying food and souvenirs.
If you ask me what my favorite part of this trip is, I can't point my finger on any particular part because i love every second of it. It was my first time seeing everything i see on TV, being in a place where there are so many--MANY--people. It was a beautiful city, despite the crowd. It was exciting, diverting, and full of possibilities and opportunities. AAA...i just ca't express enough how much i love NYC.
The day we flew in, we were told by the taxi driver that took us to our hotel that President Bush was in Manhattan too. that was neat. The moment we got into the hotel, me and April just jumped on our bed and keep jumping and jumping and screaming "We ARE IN NYC!!!" Then we took off with the boys and went around NYC. We did not even take a nap after our 12-hour flight. It was early in the morning in Hawaii but noon in NYC.
Okay...enough said. Please view my NYC photo album, it will make you want to go to NYC right away.

New York City Trip

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