Sunday, April 06, 2008

BYUH Winter Ball: Sharon's last, Leighton's first

My last ball at BYUH was fabulous. I got to wear a facy dress that cost $150 for the first time. And I actually like my hair for the night. i also received a lot of complements ^_^ I love the cruise though it wasn't the largest. It has four decks and was the largest I have ever boarded. This is the third time foe me to go on a cruise. The previous times were not as great because the cruises were parked on the pier and did not leave the port. This time we actually sail to Diamond Head and back. Tons of people went to the ball. And it was so fun that I ran out of things to say. Just check out the pictures.

Winter Ball--First Ball with Leighton

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Sena said...

Hey! You look so beautiful! You've got such a fabulous derss!!! It must be expensive...haha I wish I could go there!