Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sin City trip

I finally see what a sin city is like. Drugs. Cigarettes. Gambling. Prostitution. Alcohol. Pornography. Almost everywhere step me and Leighton took, some one came up and offered him porn cards and pictures. They asked us if we wanted to go clubbing, if we wanted drugs. There were also a lot of trucks and buses with advertisement of girls in sexy lingerie. Every casino we went to was covered in cigarette smoke. We went to at least 20 casinos in one street, better known as the Strip. Before I went there, my friend, Brandon, already warned me not to take anything from those paid mexican workers because they were paid to give out porn pictures. It was so hard to just walk by when someone is calling out to you. Leighton had to literally hold my hand and pulled me forward. Despite all of the not-so-good things around, we had fun because it was my first time there and everything seemed so interesting to me...except walking for miles under the hot sun. The day we were there, it was really a scorcher. It was really an eye-opener to see so many things in one day. Too bad we were not able to watch the shows in the casino as we were trying to get to Los Angeles before midnight. I didn't even get to see the night view of Vegas. But it's okay, i'm sure i will go back there next time...perhaps for my honeymoon? *LOL*

Here are some pictures from the trip
Las Vegas--Nevada

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Leighton Whiting said...

We had a lot of fun there...