Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I hardly go on www.youtube.com because I never know what videos to check out on the site. I am amazed at people who can often find funny things to watch there. I wonder if it's because they are SO good at finding or sensing something funny or they just have too many friends that can send them links to funny video clips. I don't have many friends that send me links to funny clips because we just don't have so much time in our hands to waste, no offense. But I do have a fiance who has too much free time on his hands. So, he often shows me links to funny video clips on YouTube. I love that. But, I also don't understand a lot of his so-called funny clips (talk about cultural differences!). However, I do like one of the music video that he asked me to watch. It's funny and I am hooked! I totally sing to that song in my shower. Seriously, enjoy the music video!

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