Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am a survivor!

My trip to Kota Kinabalu was truly an adventure. My dad booked the plane ticket for me not knowing that he was going to put my life on jeopardy. You see, he thought that the ticket he bought was for the Boeing 737 plane. Unfortunately, I was put on MAS Wing, a tiny plane for short distance flying. I was amazed to see how tiny the plane was after being on all the larger planes for years. This is the first time I ever gotten on a 20 seats plane. The plane was so small that I could not even stand up straight inside. Then, I had to sit down by myself cause every single seat was a SINGLE seat and you can basically call my seat a window seat AND an aisle seat. Also, there was no restroom on the plane. Luckily, it was a 50 minute trip. Oh, I forgot to mention that the plane was not air-conditioning, but it did have 2 small fans. Other than that, I could see the cockpit perfectly and see the windshield of the plane as well. I could even see the pilots talking and putting the plane on cruise control. It was surely a MARVELLOUS experience. I had never prayed harder in my life than when I was on that plane taking me to KK to visit my father. As soon as I landed, I was like, "Halellujah!Praise the Lord." I survived the plane ride.

This picture made me laugh so hard. FREE SMELL? It's one of those signs that don't make sense to me. While i was waiting for my plane to go to KK, i sat there looking at the Famous Amos cookie store and saw this sign. So, i walked over to the store counter and asked the girl if I can have a FREE smell at the cookies she sold. And the very demure her just looked at me, smiled shyly and shook her head. So, I was like, but the sign said I can have a free smell!

This guy, whoever he is, asked me to take a pic of him in the cockpit. And i totally forgotten to send this picture to his email.