Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Kadazan Festival

There are many native tribes in Malaysia, especially on the Borneo Island. In Sabah, Kadazan tribe is the largest native tribe. I was lucky enough to be there during their harvest season. Therefore, I was able to go and celebrate the Harvest Day celebration with them. My dad took me to this place called KDCA. It's like a huge cultural hall where concerts are held and celebration such as the harvest day is held. I have always loved all the different cultures. But i have certainly taken my own multi-racial culture for granted. Like I said in my previous blog, I am home with the perception of a tourist. So everything at the celebration was super new and super interesting to me: The food, the games, the display, the building, and the people. It was fun to watch the men dancing with each other and spreading their arms out like an eagle while tip-toe dance. They stood on their tip-toes the whole time and just bobbing up and down to the traditional music that was played. I really enjoyed being a tourist again.

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