Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What can you find in Malaysia and what don't you want to miss? FOOD.

I enjoy food. Being endowed with the most admirable gift on earth (not gaining more than 3 pounds though eating like crazy), I am able to indulge myself in food, and more food, and more food. I have tried so many different kinds of food: Western, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mongolian, Indian, Malay, Mexican, Russian, and so on. My favoritest food is noodles. I love noodles, all kinds of noodles. I love everything carbohydrate: rice, noodles, rice noodles, except bread.
To me, food is what we definitely need to have in HEAVEN! Because...even if we might not be hungry after we resurrected from the dead, food is NECESSARY because food is not just food. Food is as important as wearing shoes when you walk on the road on super freakin hot summer day. I know this example is lame...but you know what I mean.
You cannot just eat food and not taste it. You cannot just mix all kinds of food together and tell yourself that it will be mixed in the stomach for digestion anyways. YOU CANNOT eat food and just for the sake of filling your stomach up. SAY NO to eating for eating's sake. Eat with emotion. Every food is prepared with effort. Someone is trying to make you love the food they cook, eat the effort they put in your food. If you don't know what I mean, watch Ratatouille. If a mouse can understand the joy of creating and eating FOOD, are you not better than them?
In Hawaii, my roommate and I would talk about our Malaysian food and our mothers' homemade dishes some nights. For us, listing down all the delicious food verbally while laying on our beds not only made us hungry for home, but it also became a substitution for sheep-counting on our sleepless night.
Now that I am back, I of course would not miss eating all the food that I have missed for 3 years plus. I went crazy with spending my money solely on food for the 1st two months I got home. Imagine a shopaholic such as I am would rather spend money on food than on shopping spree. Isn't this proof enough that Malaysian food is DA BEST?
Well, there's a warning attached to eating Malaysian food though...especially Chinese food. What I come up with is that some foods are made for eating and some are made to gross people out. Certain animal internal organs fall in the latter category.
Oh..just so you know, chicken feet certainly DON'T fall on this category. Chicken feet are GREAT!
What can you find in Malaysia? FOOD!

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~niKki~ said...

Chicken feet are not only great, they are the best! haha..