Monday, September 15, 2008

At last, my final day in Bangkok. It was also the highlight of the trip. We went to Pattaya, a place a few hours away from Bangkok. Man, I thought Vegas was bad. Obviously, transvestite show was a must-see in this place. I TRULY enjoyed every second of the show. It was a great show, nothing obscene. I totally loved it. I loved transvestite show. Unlike the two men that I went to the show with (Leighton and Brandon), I had a blast there. I guess it was a mixed feeling that I have when I was watching these men/women dancing and looking great on the stage. I was at awe at their prettiness (they make me feel like I am a man), and excitement to finally see REAL transvestite. I have been waiting for this day for a long time (the same thing I said to Mickey Mouse when I saw him in Disneyland). I have like 1000 more pictures that i took in Bangkok, but here's some memorable ones.

This is taken at the WALKING STREET. It is a long street with millions of pubs on both sides. Naturally, there were lots of sinful things going on there. There are many young prostitutes standing outside the pub waiting for the men to come. Mind you, prostitution is totally legal in Bangkok.

Me at Mini Siam. The people at the entrance totally thought that I was a Thai girl and let me in for only 100baht while Leighton and Brandon who looked totally "foreign" had to pay 300 baht each to get in. However, some busy body told them that i wasn't a local Thai girl when we were already in the park, so the girl ran in and asked for another 200baht from me.

At Tiffany show, the transvestite show. It was a large beautiful theatre. A good show, i must say. P.S We sat in the VIP seats for free. Talk about inside connection!

The background of the stage changed with each different performance.

A champion of the Tiffany pageant. She/he is the Miss Tiffany 2006. Wait, or is it mister? AA...I am so confused.


Lia said...

Man! That looks like a lot of fun. The night life there must be wild!

Vicky said...

hehehe this made me laugh sharoncin :)