Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wedding Reception 1

As a teacher, I am blessed with school holidays. So, in the one week school holiday, I squeezed in three places for me and Leighton to go visit. First, we went back to my birthplace, Sibu, to have our first wedding reception. It was so good to see my grandmother and other extended family members. After not seeing them for three and a half years, so much have changed. Some of my cousins are already married and have their kids and own houses. And the most amazing feeling was that the last time i saw them i was under 21, still a teenager, but now, i am over 21 and is an adult having her own wedding reception.

The reception went on well. My hair and make up were disasters when they were first done by a make up artist at a bridal shop. I absolutely hated it and had to redo the make up myself and changed the hairstyle as well. The dress was a favorite of mine. It makes me feel like a fairy. I especially love the sparkly bow on the chest area.

I don't remember how the food tasted like. But I only know that I was super excited and i couldn't stop smiling the whole night. It felt wonderful to be there with my eternal companion and know that everyone gave their blessings to my marriage. The reception went on smoothly. We got lots of "ang pow" or red packets filled with money. That was a bonus.

Here are the pics

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Nothin' Like It said...

I love your dress!
You totally look Japanese though! =) It justs seems like something a Japanese girl would wear to me.

Anyways . . . I'm glad you finally updated your blog! It is sad that Leighton will respond to me and you will not!!