Friday, September 05, 2008

Wedding Reception 2

The reason why I have so many receptions is I have many friends and family that are from different places. The previous blog entry was about my first wedding reception, which was held in Sibu, my birth place, and the place where most of my relatives still reside. This blog entry is about my second wedding reception, which was held a week ago in Miri, the place I reside since I turn 13 until now. I have a lot more friends here than in Sibu.

So, what did I feel about a second reception? I loved it. I was very excited about it. I planned for the reception for months. And a lot of my old friends that I have not met since I left for school at BYUH came. 2 good friends of mine, Sophie and Sandra, flew all the way from KK to Miri just to attend this reception. Other friends also came with blessings. It was so nice to meet them. It's like a reunion party at my wedding dinner.

Before the reception, I spent a few hours doing my hair and putting on make up in a saloon. Then, I went to the hotel where we had our wedding reception and changed into my gorgeous evening gown. I loved the dress so so much!!! It also came with a pair of cute gloves. We walked in the dining hall with about 180 people with the song, "With You," by Chris Brown. Then, the servers brought out the appetizer and the dinner started. My mom hired an emcee to host the dinner. He was hilarious and he truly entertained the guests.

We put on the slideshow Leighton made for everyone to see. It was great and I enjoyed seeing our lovey-dovey pictures on the white screen--it's like five minutes of indulging myself in being full of myself. We also had shark-fin soup. It was delicious, but i was too excited to finish my tiny bowl of the soup. We had the champagne opening ceremony and toasting to everyone that came by screaming "YAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM SENG" three times. It's a chinese wedding tradition that I dreaded. *LOL*

The next thing we did was cake cutting and the emcee asked Leighton to feed me a piece of cake with the fork. But he asked that I do not chew and swallow the cake but hold it in my mouth and then feeding it to Leighton. Kinda gross?? hahah... After we were done, the emcee asked, "Is this the sweetest cake you have ever tasted?" *Ahem* My good friend, Rudi, came up on stage to gave a short speech and proposed a toast to us. His speech was really touching it made me almost cried.

We also danced to Celine Dion's "Because You Love Me." I felt so lucky that I found Leighton and I will always remember this wonderful event in my life. I finally understood "I'm everything I am, because you love me."

Too see all of the pictures, just click on the album below.


Leighton Whiting said...

I am so lucky to be with you Sharon~

rach said...

congrats!! so happy for uu!! :):)

Victor said...

Photos tell me that I should had came for your wedding but....., really sorry for not being able. Anyway, I can feel that it was a wonderful wedding and both of you are well blessed.