Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Global Warming should be rooted out of my life

I hate to write about Global Warming. It's because I had to read like 200 essays of my students on Global Warming not too long ago. But this nature-related issue has become more and more serious and totally needs our attention. Global warming has also affected me personally. I am sure it has affected your life as well. I am so sick of having to wake up in the middle of my nap because my body just can't take the heat. It's crazy! 30 degree celcius? I could even feel my body heating up like an oven. Then, there's the canker sores. Trust me, canker sore is totally heat related. I can't even eat tropical fruits like rambutan, durian, and mango because my body would definitely react in some funky ways to the "HEATINESS" these fruit cause my body. I am having sore throat for so long and it would not go away. The chinese doctor gave me some chinese herbal medicines that are supposedly to chase the "heatiness" out of my system. I have already taken 3 bottles of those medicines and my canker sores only get bigger and more. It is sickening! I had like 5 sores on my tongue that lasted for weeks last month! I drooled like crazy when I sleep because it hurts to close my mouth (hmm...too much information?) I think i kinda already know what hell feels like. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE stop the world from getting warmer so that I can enjoy my lovely naps daily and be free from the life draining canker sore ( i mean what is life if you are not able to eat food properly? )

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