Friday, October 03, 2008

Up to the mountain and down to the sea in Kota Kinabalu

I lived in KK for 7 years before moving to Miri. KK has a special place in my heart. It is hard for me to describe what feeling it was every time i was there for a short visit. I found myself loving the city more and more everytime I went back. It is a big city but not the largest in the country. It's famous for its beautiful islands and Mount Kinabalu. I spent my childhood there and I have many friends there. Actually, this time before i went to KK, I didn't feel like going at all. I was so sick of flying. But I promised my dad that i would go for a visit during the Hari Raya (Malay new year) holidays and Leighton hadn't been to KK before, so I forced myself to get on the plane once more. I am happy to say that after this visit, I am sure that if I ever come back to stay in Malaysia, this would be the place that I would choose to settle down with my family.

During this trip, Leighton and I went up to Mount Kinabalu park. Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountain in South East asia and is about 4000m high. Apart from that, we went to Manukan island where we went snorkling and parasailing. The island is a good place to retreat to from a stressful job and we found peace and bliss close to the nature. It also brought back all the good memories we have in Hawaii.


Leighton Whiting said...

Nice Post, but I wanted to see those pics of you in that yellow sarong at the beach... Gorgeous^^

Doreen Lee said...

The first pic, is that your cousin that stand behind you? She looks like you la.

IVY said...

gotta be joking!! is that our godfather in the first pic? MY goodness i was like oh this person look so familiar then keep thinking who he is!!! And your went back to our kindergarden and primary sch!!yay..i did the same the last time i went there..OMG, all those memory..we'll go again someday in the future..haha