Monday, October 13, 2008

What do I do for fun as a bored teacher at school?

This week is the PMR exam (national exam for the Form 3 students). All of my Form 1 kids do not have to come to school because of this exam since their classrooms are being used as exam rooms for the Form 3 students. So, very unluckily, I am left here in the staff room for this whole week and basically just do nothing. Unlike my students, I cannot just stay home because I am paid to be here at school to do...nothing. Oh no. That's not true. I have 200 essays to grade. But I need breaks from looking at the essays. So, I took time to go through my bookmarks on my laptop and browse through MANY websites that I bookmarked ( I have about 500 bookmarks). I came across this very interesting site that I have almost forgotten. I want to share it with everyone.


The is a game site. I was either too bored or the games were simply too much fun that I spent hours on this site. I played almost all of the games and I am hungering for more. Each game is unique, with cute animals as the main character, and nice, soothing piano music on the background.

These pictures are some screen shots of the games i took from my laptop.


Leighton Whiting said...

Haha, I remember you showing me those games. There was also that one with the squirrel running on the rooftops getting apples. Really fun stuff. I remember the first time I saw the name, Orisinal, I thought Orifice + Anal = Orisinal for some reason lol

Doreen Lee said...

I totally forgot about this website. Thanks for reminding me! HAHA!!!!! I like the rabbit jumping game!!!!!

Doreen Lee said...

The first game sunny day sky is so cute and funny la! The bear has to keep opening the umbrella to fly pass the cars..LOL!

sharon said...

i just played the first game too. Very fun!