Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What I Learn from My Students

I noticed a trend among my 13-14 year old girls. Out of perhaps 100 of them, 70 possessed a kind of pen bag that has distracted me multiple times during lessons each day. I could not help taking a moment to stare at each pen bag for each came in different artistic design. The bags keep appearing before my eyes everytime I go in to the classes. The bags come in different sizes and design. But all of the designs are unique to each bag ( I have been staring at each of my female students' pen bags enough to reach this conclusion.)
Even though there are cheesy words like "Girl Power", "Party Queen", "GlitterGirl" and my favorite "Miss Whatever" screaming across the bags, I can totally look past the lameness of the words and admire the combination of glitter writings and colorful drawings on the either black or white bag. My favorite kind is the kind that's made of leather, or more correctly, polyester. I am now at the point of wanting to own the same kind of pen bag just so that I can stare at it in my own desk in the staff room. How can I miss this trend? However, I know that it would be a waste for me because I only possessed one pen. As a teacher, all you need is a red pen. So, I decided to use the bag for my cosmetics products. I can't wait to get one!

Here;s a photo that I snapped when i walked past the shop in Genting Highland on my trip to KL. Don't you love the art?

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LiafromLaie said...

HA HA HA! Sharon you can have more than one pen as a teacher... in fact YOU SHOULD HAVE MORE THAN ONE SINCE YOU MAJORED AND GOT A DEGREE IN ENGLISH! You should have a red, a blue, a black, and a whole mess of highligers ^.^

That is a might stylish bag though.