Saturday, October 11, 2008

What I want for Winter

Dear lovely people who read my blog,
Have I ever told you that I am a fashionista--I love clothes, I think about bags most of the time, I dream about having 200 pairs of shoes, and my goal is to be a fashion someone. Just recently I have been collecting pictures of winter clothing that I would love to have in my wardrobe. I LOVE winter clothing. Winter time, to me, is the funnest time to dress up. My winter must haves are BOOTS, more BOOTS, and more BOOTS, despite they almost killed me when I walked 10 miles a day for 4 days in NYC last winter--my feet were frozen and I was too numb to realize that the blood had soaked my socks. Next time, I think i will be fashionable and be smart. On the side note, the reason why I am posting a fashion post on my blog (my first time committing this crime..if it offends somebody, SO SORRY!) is so that I can have some place to store the pictures I collected, so that my desktop would not be so clutter :)

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IVy said...

wait for me to go shopping with you!!!BUt it's summer here now..LOL