Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Can't miss these!!

Twilight is Malaysia! I am so super excited about it! I'm going to watch it tonight. OMG...this day has finally arrived. I've been anticipated for this movie for a year now. Though I don't quite like the book, I believe the movie would be far superior (this is odd as books are always SO MUCH better). This certainly is not a movie to be missed this year. 

Of course, another fantasy movie, "Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince," is coming out soon too. It is also a movie that should not be missed this year. But I still think that the movie doesn't do the book the justice. The books are so good. It's one of my goals to re-read my whole Harry Potter collection again this year...but I never got the time for it. So, it will be in my new year's resolution list 2009. :)

Happy Holiday everyone!


Vicks said...

no no no sharoncin! the last two harry potter books were so blaaaah and really? twilight? hehe yeah i like it too i wont deny it even though its soo cheesy

sharon said...

I think i'm gonna love the movie more than the book because the book totally turns me off! Ugh...
Hmm...we are some pretty hard judges, ehh?? give her some credit for being a Mormon writer. It could be us someday. hahaha.... just kidding.

LiafromLaie said...

Sharon, dear, Harry Potter is not going to be released till July 2009 :)

They moved the date back and this was announced in... September I think... anyway that's why Twilight was moved up to be released in November... it was supposed to be released in December XD