Friday, November 21, 2008

Grammar Girl

A confession. I am an English teacher, a BA English degree holder, and (was) a copy editor in the campus newsroom, but my English grammar still sucks. Actually, I suck in the grammar of every language I learn. It's a shame, I know. 

But hey, I consider myself a pretty hard-working person and I know for a fact that hard work can make up for not being a genius. Therefore, I go on to Grammar Girl's website to learn about common grammar mistakes often. It's a good site. I learnt a lot from it. It's different from most grammar books or websites that teach people about grammar in a stupendously boring way. If you are an English teacher, a writer, a blogger, an English language learner, and a someone who wants to be immerse in the joy of knowing all the grammar rules, then please go pay Grammar Girl a visit here

Leighton and I always have some disagreements on English grammar. I am very particular with the grammar terms which he is not familiar with or doesn't bother to know. So, when he said that the "throwing up" in "I feel like throwing up"  is a verb, I very quickly snapped, "It's not just a verb, it's a phrasal verb." *hehe* 
Then he threatened, "If you don't stop talking about the phrasal verb, i'm gonna give you a nasal burp." I forgot how so very good Leighton is with coming up with words that rhyme with each other. 

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LiafromLaie said...

If it makes you feel better I'm still puzzled about grammar... and my spelling SUCKS XD