Sunday, November 30, 2008

I turned 23...and it was darn fun!

My first birthday with Leighton was AWESOME! He was so thoughtful, so creative, and so full of surprises. He obviously planned it but i was totally clueless.
The coupons Leighton made for my birthday. 
I needed to use them to redeem my presents :) 

He took me shopping for a dress. I found a lovely purple dress that I couldn't let down once I had it in my hands. The great news is the sales girl gave me a 30% discount on it, so I ended up getting the dress and some lovely accessories (which was also on sale --50 % off!) that look great with it. What an awesome, awesome deal.

After that, we went to a Spa massage place for an aromatherapy massage. It was my first time and I gotta say, it's pretty nerve-racking. HAHA. I was stripped down to....nothing during the massage. It was uncomfortable at first given that I was naked in front of a stranger woman. But the massage went well, VERY VERY Ooohhh and Aaah-ing (enjoyable and satisfying). It felt good to be oiled and rubbed all over my body. The massage lady talked to me about her family and friends back in China and revealed a lot of sad personal stories of hers. I ended up giving her RM20 for tips. When I asked for her name, she told me she was known by no.98 at the massage place.
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My birthday program also included a surprise heart-shaped cookie box handed to me by the lady at the counter of the massage place. Leighton was no where to be seen but the note attached to the cookie box told me to meet him in a bookstore in a close by mall. When I was looking for him in the bookstore, I got a text message from him saying that I could use the coupon he made to get myself RM100 worth of books. Oh my! And the money was already hidden in my wallet days before. I never realized it!

Then, Leighton came and gave me a lovely birthday card. He was totally happy to see my facial expression when I read in the card that we were going to the Zest Restaurant at the Marriott Hotel for dinner. He even made the reservation!

While we were enjoying our hunger-wrenching food, Leighton asked if I wanted to swim in the pool of the hotel. I was like, "Don't tell me you brought my swim suit." He did! After a stroll along the pool side, we changed and jumped in the pool. Swimming under the moon and the stars was so romantic and so unexpected. I had heaps of fun. It was definitely the best birthday ever!
Marriott Hotel Pool where we had the pool to ourselves

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well done Leighton.