Thursday, November 27, 2008

Love Story

Recently, i've been singing/humming/mumbling to "Love Story" by Taylor Swift even though I hardly know the lyrics. I love the song to death. Can't really explain why though. I guess it's because when I first heard it I was watching its music video. She looked stunning in the video with the Victorian era ball gown and her curly hair was combed up into a really really nice hair-do, the one I often wish I know how to do for myself (ahh...I kinda wish I have curly hair now...straight hair is so boring). I think that's how I fell love with the song. I'm a sucker for love story and music videos that are set in the Shakespeare-ish and Jane Austin-ish setting. I downloaded the song and I've been listening to it every single day. Now I just need to learn the lyrics and sing it to my Romeo.

Enjoy the lyrics!

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