Monday, November 17, 2008

My rant

picture credit: Ee Wen Ting

Does anyone of you, like me, cringe every time someone says a bad word, makes crude low class gestures, acts violently, and speaks louder than necessary? I think my list of how some people act like a barbarian or an uneducated and uncultured person can go on and on.

Yes, it really makes me so super very uncomfortable when I hear people swear, women or men or teenager or old folks alike. If I see someone pointing their middle fingers at someone else, I so wish I were so strong that I could break their middle fingers and shove it in their mouth. Okay, I know I am thinking of violent thoughts here....but you get what I mean right? It's so super annoying and hurtful when someone gestures an obscene gesture just because they are incapable of containing whatever emotions that drive them to act like their parents never taught them any manners.

I am beginning to think that there should be laws against any unfriendly gestures and rude speeches. These barbaric acts should have died off many centuries ago. Why carry these offensive acts to our beautiful modern world now? Can't people just be more creative with their adjectives and create more useful words to describe something or someone, instead of using those few hostile words that "dirty" their mouth and make their "breath" stink?

Thanks for hearing me out.

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Leighton Whiting said...

Lets think of some good words we can say to replace those crude words:

Filthy Beast
Phlegm Bledda

Seriously though, what really needs to change is the mentality behind the crudity. Good post, Sharon!