Friday, November 21, 2008


There are various reasons why everyone is given a name. 

A) It's human nature to give a name to everything they see or own or create. 
B) Names usually have some great meanings. For example, Jesus was named Jesus because this name meant savior, and He is the savior of the world. Sharon (that's me) means Princess of peace, by the way *hehe*
C) Just because the name sounds nice. 
D) ..... *you name it, I run out of ideas*

Okay, my cousin has just had a new born baby girl. His sister texted me the other night and asked me if I had any great ideas for female English name for the baby girl. Leighton and I picked as few names and we finally chose the name Chloe. It;s a beautiful name. It sounds really good. It's a French name too. (You know obsessed I am with anything French-y)

But I failed to text my cousin to tell my cousin my suggestion because i had no more minutes left on my cellphone. The next day, I immediately borrowed my friend's phone to call him and congratulate him. Then he told me that he had named his daughter Chloe. And I was like "NO WAY! You steal it from me." And he went, "Whatever! It must be my sister who told you about this name and now you are trying to say i steal your idea." 

The friendly argument went on for a while when we finally agreed that his daughter was meant to be called Chloe. How amazing! It's such a sweet coincidence and it totally made my day! 


Leighton Whiting said...

I actually wanted 'Serena' but Sharon decided 'we' would choose Chloe haha. I can vouch that this story is true, I was really amazed when I heard they named her Chloe as well. Guess it's meant to be!?

Leighton Whiting said...

By the way, is that a pun when you said *you NAME it...*?