Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Tribute to My Students

There's a truth I found out today.


I don't think that all of the 230 students that I taught love me. But it's comforting to know that a lot of them do. At least a lot of them told me that I was their favorite teacher. I was given a memorial book, in which my students have written thank-you notes, words of encouragement and best wishes for me. I was thrilled to see how nicely the book was made and how much effort they have put into making it beautiful. It was the best present I have received before my birthday :)

It was the last day of class today. I went to class as usual. I only had two classes today so I did not get to see the students from my three other classes. However, some of them saw me on the hallway and came out to say goodbye to me because I won't be teaching in this school when school starts next year.

My students are like my younger brothers and sisters. They enjoyed teasing me, making me yelled at them, and telling me jokes. They also love to see me smile. A lot of them often told me to smile always because they think I am pretty when I smile. Some of them told me that I looked really strict once I straightened up my face. I love them.

I also realized that some of them were afraid of me when I stared at them and started counting 1, 2, 3. When I started counting, they would all run back to their seats, took their books out, and kept their mouth closed. I often would give them advice and tell them my experience when I was their age and what I wish I knew. They also loved to ask me about my private life (who is my boyfriend, where I am living at, what is my msn and email address...and so on). I love them, they made me laugh.

I realized today that the most rewarding experience in life is not when you make a lot of money. I know first hand the joy of helping someone, anyone, even just one person. I know that my kids (I often called my students my kids) are all wonderful young people because of the love and patience they showed me in the past six months. We bonded. We showed kindness and because of this, the world is a better place to live in. I love my students.

I hope that I would always remember them, though I am sure our busy lives in the future would create a distance and my frail memory would probably fail me. But I'll keep and treasure this memorial book and bring them with me wherever I move to to remind me that as long as you give your effort to do something, it will turn out great and memorable. Like all the people that I have come across or met in my life, these kids have made a difference in my life and I hope I did the same to them too.

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hanjac said...

Miss Ting, are u still a miss? i tot ur married already... ask ur student to change the status from the book :P hahahaha anyway, ill be coming back soon to Miri wahahahaahah!!!!! and ill be officially graduating soon!!!!! hopefully!!!! :P