Saturday, December 06, 2008

Santa, Can You Hear Me? I Have Been So Good This Year. All I want is...

Merry almost-Christmas everyone! 

How are you planning to celebrate your Christmas this year? 
What is/are on your wish list??

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Here's mine:
1) The Tale of Beedle The Bard by J.K Rowling. Seriously, I am not sure why I want to read this book. I saw it in the bookstore today. I was surprised at how thin it was, compare to any of the Harry Potter books. And I know it's children's stories for the wizards, so I'm really not that into it. But I still want it...for the sake of my Harry Potter book collection. 

2) My U.S Visa. I can't wait to go back to U.S.A already. My visa is taking super stinking long. It's ridiculous. I wanna go back there so I can GET MARRIED in the temple. We've been engaged for...long enough. 

3) A very, very fun and unforgettable Christmas. I am getting more and more excited about Christmas eve. I'm not sure what I'd be doing and where I'd be on that day, but I'm sure who I'll be with. So, I'm not worried about not having a blast, cause his middle name is fun. (Sorry Leighton, now you gotta live up to the expectation. Muahahahaha...) 

My wish list is pretty simple, nothing too material. I'm trying to stay frugal and save $$ for my bright future. I am also very blessed. God blessed me with EVERYTHING I need. I am not bragging, but I don't lack anything (except for the things on my wish list above). 

Sure, if I want to list all of the things that I want (things that are not important to me, but can satisfy my greed), I can, and it's going to be a long list. I found out recently that being easily satisfied is a dang good virtue because you'll be pleased easily, be content always, and have an awesome, meaningful Christmas. 

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LiafromLaie said...

Your Number One... MY NUMBER ONE!

Of course mine is the expensive UK version... the one that's like $100 XD.

But they're good stories... like Aesop(sp?) Fables. Need to get mine soon...