Friday, February 13, 2009

It's A Hair Thing

When I was watching "Canada's Next Top Model," I was sucked in because of some of the reality scenes of the ladies at the luxurious house the live in. It was funny to see cat fights and crazy dramas. My attention was particularly grabbed at this one episode when a black girl was arguing with an Asian girl (whom I think is annoying and not pretty AT ALL). The reason for their fight was the black girl's tangled afro, which she needed to comb out every night. It always took her 2 hours just to fix her hair and she would do it til late into the night. So, basically, the Asian lady was not able to go to sleep because of the noise from the hair drier, which was on and off numerous times, when she was going to fall asleep. 

I sympathize with both the black lady and the Asian lady because I know what it's like to have almost unmanageable hair and to be woken up by irritating noises from the electronics. 

I have always wanted to have curly hair because I think it's easier to style than straight hair. I had straight black hair almost my whole life but the itch to try and curl my hair was eating me, especially after seeing Serena Vanderwoodsen's beautiful curly hair in "Gossip Girl." I finally found the guts to go and perm my hair about a month ago. At first, I thought I made the worst choice ever because not only did my hair not turn out to be EXACTLY like Serena's, I found myself looking 10 years older (one of the most important fashion rules is to dress your age--including make up and hairstyle. I totally just broke that one rule that I try so hard to abide by). 

Then,  I got used to seeing myself with big hair and accepted the fact that I am now 23 (and therefore is okay to look a bit older), I decided I am happy with the decision I made. Now that I am officially a curly-haired babe, I have decided I need to do my part to make the curl works for me. So, I went and get professional help from a hairdresser in Sibu when I was there for Chinese New Year. I ended up buying a few things that I never thought I would use when I had straight hair. Yes, I spent a ton of money on my hair. I also experienced the pain the black girl in Canada's Next Top Model goes through every night. 

Here are the things I need to do everyday to keep my hair presentable and healthy. 
1. shampooing with hair volumizing shampoo (I really love big hair). 

2. use a hair conditioner for dry and damaged hair (My hair's kinda hurt because of the harsh treatment it's been getting the past month: coloring, perming, and blow-drying).

3. After getting out of the shower and half-drying my hair with the towel, I need to brush my hair with this kind of comb (I used to think that this comb was useless because you can't comb straight hair with it but it's a real treasure to me now).

4. put in hair serum to protect my hair from having split-ends. This product smells so good and is really really really good!

5. the liquid hair gel is used to style my hair and keep the curls as curly as possible (my hair has a strong resistance to curliness. It gets straightened way too easily--even by the wind). 

6. this thing, I just found out what it's called--diffuser. This I would say is a must for curly-haired babes. Totally necessary to blow dry your hair with this gadget, it makes the hair look soooooo bouncy. I bought a diffuser hoping that it would fit my blow-dryer but it didn't. So, you can imagine how hard it is for me to blow dry my hair (I have to ask Leighton to hold the dryer and the diffuser each time I dry my hair because I simply don't have 3 arms). 

7. This baby is so worth the money. It smells real good and work real good too. The girl told me this is sort of like the glue for the hair. It is sticky but when you style it in your hair, it hold the curls in position and gives volume to the hair. I cannot live without it now. 

So, I  have to say it's fun to have curly hair, but you need patience to go through the hair process daily. I believe that I will be a straight-haired girl again after a year when my hair grow out. I don't have a plan to keep my hair curly after this. Don't get me wrong though, I love curly hair. 


Leighton Whiting said...

Yes, I really do hold the Hair Diffuser thing whenever she washes her hair, haha.

Nikki said...

Awww that's so cute!! You guys are pretty much married already. Wait, you have gotten married quite a few times, right?

So, I can't believe you permed your hair!! Wow that was a shocker! I can't wait to see it though! How much was it to get it permed? Well, it's probably a different price in Malaysia huh?

Derek and Ivy's Story said...

wah..very expensive ah your hair!!!! I need to have my haircut just looks ridiculous now.