Sunday, February 08, 2009

Randomness of the day

I'm only doing this because Lia Banks tagged me. I usually would run away from this kind of games or lists because I get too into it sometimes. I'll do it here instead of on Facebook because I like my blog better. hhaha...

Here we go.
25 random things about me:

1. I don't really like to sleep in til late morning but I can't help it. I am a teacher who has to wake up at 5.50am daily, so I am mostly tired.

2. I like to teach English because it's something I am good at (I think). But the most enjoying part of teaching is to know that some of your students fear you and some love you.

3. I feel like floating in the air when people tell me I am beautiful (mostly just Leighton and some students).

4. My favorite show is The Criminal Minds and Gossip Girl. I learn a lot of both shows. Believe it or not? I don't learn how to kill like a serial killer or gossip like the girls in Gossip Girl, but I learn how to protect myself from unwanted danger in life and how to dress up nicely.

5. I always tell people that my favorite color is blue, but I actually like a lot of other colors. I usually like colors that compliment my skin tone.

6. I absolute hate it when people say "All Asian look the same" because WE DON'T. I wish someone could tell me I look like some Chinese movie stars, but not many really did. So, yeah, if All Asians look the same, then I would look like Zhang Zi Yi.

7. One of the best memories that I have of Hawaii was when my best friend came to BYUH and be my roommate. We did many crazy stuff together in our room. We dirty danced...*shhh* and we taped it. Just kidding! But we did do many fun things together.

8. The reason why I win the first Spelling Bee in Seasider at BYUH is I lucked out. If some really good spellers hadn't missed a letter or more English majors had shown up, I would not have been the winner. I also won the team Spelling Bee competition because my teammates are both fantastic speller. I didn't even know how to spell harlequin (harloquin??).

9. I get annoyed when people say "more skinny" or "more happy" instead of skinner and happier.

10. I love filling out forms. Just give me forms to fill out and I will be very happy. That's why I get tons of junk mails daily. I enjoy deleting without reading any of them.

11. I have very limited noise-tolerance. When I was little, the sound of people washing clothes could wake me from sleep and make me agitated.

12. My favorite jeans are my grey skinny jeans. In fact, I love skinny jeans to death. I would only wear skinny jeans. I think they are totally made for me.

13. People find it hard to believe that I am putting on weight. I gained 10 pounds after I am well-fed by my mom for 3 months.

14. My favorite food is anything with shrimp and fried chicken.

15. What I will miss most about Malaysia once I am gone is the food. Definitely the food. Of course, mom's cooking too.

16. I think I love to inflict pain on people by rubbing their bruises hard. I found that this runs in my family. Almost all of my family members, including my cousins and aunts, would pin me down and rub my bruises (if they see any) til I scream and tears rolling down (mostly because it's funny).

17. I can spend unlimited hours in front of my laptop doing...everything. I should find a job that would pay me for looking up stuff on the internet. Anyone know such a heavenly job???

18. I know I am one big lazy bug. But I really dislike people who are so lazy they won't do their job and have to delegate it to other people--like the teacher sitting next to me.

19. I would gladly be an exterminator if they pay really good money and only if I don't have to deal with snakes. I cannot tolerate seeing snails or any kinds of stuff that has no legs or too many legs, that wriggles, and are slimy, long, and ugly. I don't know why God created snails, leeches, centipede, worms, and caterpillar. Ugh...talking about them makes me dizzy.

20. I don't have a favorite author because they are all so good. But I do have to say that I dislike Stephanie Meyer's writing style. I don't know what it is about the way she narrates that makes me feel like screaming and throw the book on the floor. I cannot bring myself to read the book after "Twilight."

21. I don't like to be shy around Leighton's family, but I can't help it. 

22. When I was in Hawaii, I refuse to go to the beach because I don't like to get tan. I tan very easily and I think that Asian with dark skin equals ewww... Until I found out through experiment that tan skin actually makes your facial features stand out (especially on flat-faced Asians, such as me).

23. I can eat potato casserole for two weeks straight (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). My friend, Nikki, from Sibu, gave me the best potato casserole recipe a few years ago and I would make it for every potluck dinner I went to.

24. One of my obsessions is cosmetic, health, and skincare products.

25. This is my favorite picture of me

Do I have to stop at no.25? I actually enjoy talking about myself. I tag whoever is not tagged on Facebook yet.


Leighton Whiting said...

"We dirty danced...*shhh* and we taped it."
I have heard rumors of this...
"I get annoyed when people say "more skinny" or "more happy" instead of skinner and happier."
I can attest to this
"That's why I get tons of junk mails daily. I enjoy deleting without reading any of them."
I keep telling her to use the spam filter, but she actually ENJOYS getting junk mail, just to delete it!
I even learned some new things about you from this, Sharon, thanks for posting^^ Luv ya

A Real Good Bet said...

You totally do love to inflict pain on people! I have terrible memories of your pushing my bruises. Although, I think it was usually Julie's bruises because I never do anything physical enough to get bruises. =)

Doreen Lee said...

dirty danced? who's that?